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Software developers tend to reach similar levels of education than developer support engineers. In fact, they’re 2.1% more likely to graduate with a Master’s Degree and 0.9% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree. In general, senior infrastructure engineers earn the most working in the hospitality industry, with an average salary of $123,360. The highest-paying industry for a help desk engineer is the finance industry. On average, desktop support specialists reach similar levels of education than help desk engineers. Desktop support specialists are 2.1% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree and 0.6% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

Anyone who has dealt with customers know that it is a pre-requisite to be able to lie to them. A customer support person would have been trained to manage customer’s expectations – that it would take up to 3 days to get it resolved. If it is first/2nd/3rd line support (i really mean blurred line support) where developers deal directly with customers, then it is a big con. Developers have the skill set required to debug problems or develop solutions to solve problems. If customers have complete access to developers (blurred line) – there’s no stopping customers from „abusing“ this privilege – resulting in spoiled, demanding and privileged customers that are paying no more than any other customer. My own interest has been to answer the tough support questions, and to take what I’ve learned from the experience to reduce the need for support overall, which benefits end-users and primary support alike.

Why move from tech support to software development

All of these things move you closer to the world of software development.With that, you could apply to very highly complex support roles. This role is usually called Supportability Engineering or Customer-Centric Engineering.In these roles, you are not writing code but directly troubleshooting the code. For example, you are looking at stack traces and reviewing logs that Tier 3 wouldn’t understand.As I said, this puts you closer to software engineering than a traditional support role. Also, many of these roles will have „Software Engineer“ as the title, even if you are not writing code.And you know who loves those titles?

But what happens when these systems don’t give employees the convenience they were promised? It becomes a technical issue that requires intervention from leaders, operations teams, or IT departments. Siloed information is a rampant problem in modern workplaces, with 60% of employees finding it difficult to get essential information from colleagues and do their most productive work. Companies could overcome this problem by using shared drives, knowledge bases, and project management software to make information easier to locate and share among team members. Don’t assume that all your users know how to find and use this prompt. Document this self-service flow in your knowledge base so users can quickly search it up and find a helpful article.

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The Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform empowers IT teams to create in-app guidance and self-service user support on all internal desktop, web, and mobile applications. Enable employees with Self Help, which overlays onto your CRM, HCM, ERP, CPQ, and other digital workplace applications. Self Help connects to your process and IT documentation, LMS, video tutorials, onboarding documents, and other IT support-related content to provide employees self-help, at the moment of need. Create additional in-app guidance and pop-ups to contextually guide users through applications and alert them to process changes.

  • A software developer must have strong attention to detail, communication, and decision-making skills to coordinate with the team and also work independently under minimal supervision.
  • The example below shows how Whatfix gives our customers an intuitive search experience that automatically surfaces related articles based on keywords in the search bar.
  • As a software developer, your primary focus is creating documents in the virtual space, which could include user profiles, e-commerce pages, or even real-time data analytics for your company for both desktop and mobile applications.
  • Some iPhone users are encountering Wi-Fi issues in iOS 17, but it appears to be a problem mostly limited to current and previous beta participants.
  • While I don’t think it’s appropriate to use devs as support all the time, I think there is something to be said for having a dev do the initial support of an application.
  • Whereas help desk engineers have higher pay in the finance industry, with an average salary of $67,498.

A Desktop Support Specialist is focused on troubleshooting different software packages, hardware devices, and other peripherals. You will be able to help the team by researching problems, but you will also have the opportunity to learn more about our bug process, test out new tools, and speak with engineers. You will earn a reputation for producing well-researched help desk engineer and comprehensive bug reports due to your effort. You will need to seek a way to become engaged with our Support Triage team while still in customer support. That team’s job is to evaluate incoming problem complaints and transmit them to engineering. Although it isn’t an official post, you will see that they will overburden and offer your assistance.

Anyone start off in IT Support / Help Desk then switch into Web Development or a Developer role?

I cannot focus on solving a problem because every 5 minutes I’m having to pick up the phone. Neither job gets done as well as it can be because I constantly am thinking about what I can do to solve a problem, and I’m never working on the programming long enough to fully implement any solution I might have. Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. We calculated that 11% of Developer Support Engineers are proficient in Java, C++, and Python. They’re also known for soft skills such as Detail oriented, Interpersonal skills, and Problem-solving skills. We calculated that 8% of Help Desk Engineers are proficient in Troubleshoot, Help-Desk Support, and Technical Support.

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The Best Help Desk Software of 2023 U.S. News.

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I wasn’t really interested in continuing down the road of the IT Operations side being a Sysadmin so I ask one of my friends who is a Web Developer what I should do. When working on the helpdesk, I was always fascinated by the developers at the companies I worked at and admired how well respected they were in addition to finding out how much money they made, so I decided why not and gave it a shot. Microsoft’s new RGB control software aims to revolutionize the RGB software industry, potentially killing off dozens of 3rd party RGB software variants. With a proper RGB control solution now integrated into Windows 11, we could be on the verge of a completely unified RGB software experience, across multiple RGB manufacturers, which is something we’ve never seen before. Microsoft announced native RGB controls for Windows 11 back in May during its annual developer conference.